Winning Attitude

Success comes to those
Who dare and act
Brimming with all  their might
Force the latent guts to resurrect.
Never did a diamond emerge
From a cool and dizzy bay
But from those unfathomed depths
In heat and discomfort, it had lay.
Do you know any soul
Who just by thought climbed his goal?
But I do know several buds
Who won their fight with flesh and bloods.
If you count your weakness
And times when you made the mess
Think then how many times
You evoked in sorrowful hearts, those blissful chimes.
For if I know I am  a wonder
Surely’ld I never surrender
Until that dazzling post is reached
And I had done what I preached!
Fear not those huge or timid hardships
To your sporadic potentials they just put clips,
Be on guard to face the challenges
For those tough and enduring ages.
In this world, n’thing shall prevail
Crowds go and crowds come
The golden rule but is ever the same
Either be up and doing, or be down and done !

The Unfulfillment

Why the dreams lay unattended?
And the desires screamed to their contentment
The ideas and thoughts in dull and unpainted
Were never able to have an achievement.
Were my deeds of previous birth
Responsible for deciding my fate?
Or were it the nasty acts of today
That condemned my life to shade!
It becomes easy but to express
The pain when gut tortures from within
When the tears tear apart the eyes
The excruciating dols, unbearable, pour-in.
The guffaw was made for the joy-ous
Unfulfillments were on our part
Then why some live only to waste
And our life, a torn open chart?
Those hopes of soaring high
Were shattered to rugs and pieces
The sky suddenly seemed to be very lofty
When the innovative to fight ceases!
Those fantasies of touching the heavenly vault
Do also dwell in this heart
But the reality here’s of unfulfillment
the upheavals are always restrained, it hurts but.
It makes a big difference though
Loss when keeps itself inheriting
It forces every dream to lay tranquil
But gears the embers to keep burning from within !
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